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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business


When booking a session you are agreeing to the following terms:-

All sessions are completely private & confidential

Each session must be booked & paid for in advance.

If a client is paying in person per week they must attend each session.  If more than 2 sessions are missed the coach reserves the right to offer their place to a client on the waiting list.

No refunds can be given (although every attempt will be made to reschedule a session if it has been cancelled due to illness or unforeseen circumstances).

The client takes all responsibility for notifying the coach of any medical issues that could impact the session such as panic attacks, seizures, allergies. (Please note the coach is first aid trained, DBS checked & has all relevant, up to date Professional Liability Insurance & Cover).


Social Media & Content Sharing:-

Personal / sensitive content raised during the sessions cannot be discussed on any social media by the coach or client.

Links to relevant professional bodies, charities or information sites may be shared with the client if the coach deems it to be helpful.  

The client may choose to share content from website or blog posts on social media but no reference may be made to any personal matters discussed.

The coach will respond to messages on Facebook Messenger but will not enter into any discussions on her personal Facebook page. Any Facebook interaction (if required) would take place on Purposeful Moments business page.


Code of Practice:-

The client & coach enter into a working relationship based on mutual respect & privacy.

The client cannot act in an aggressive or threatening way towards the coach.

The client is responsible for their own actions at all times.

The coach clearly explains the requirements & expectations of the client in a welcome email.

The client agrees to partake in the sessions & homework as described by the coach.

Any complaints should be made in person or via email.

Data Collection & Storing:-

Data will be collected for the purposes of offering / booking / discussing sessions or workshops with you as a client or potential client.  This data will be stored securely & will be password protected.  I will contact you regarding your bookings or sessions.  Contact will be made by email, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, text or directly through the website. You have the option of opting out of any further correspondence after the sessions or workshops are completed.  Please notify me if you would like to opt out of receiving future correspondence.


Written content from the worksheets must not be shared, replicated, re-worded or used for any financial gain by the client.

The format of the coaching is unique to the individual & cannot be replicated by the client for any financial gain.

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