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Code of Ethics

As a CTAA Practitioner Member  I adhere to the following code of ethics.

• To be committed to demonstrating the highest quality service by those clients or students  that seek their professional advice

• Be professional & empathic whilst upholding the professional status of yourself and your Complementary Therapies

• Do not discriminate any client or student in any way

• Have adequate insurance cover against any potential legal proceedings resulting from any situation with a client or student

• Commit to continuous learning whilst practising as a Therapist or School to ensure your clients or students are offered the very best and up to date therapies within the Member or School’s chosen field of therapy

• Maintain discretion & confidentiality to all clients and students at all times

• Do not diagnose or prescribe anything outside of your legal training for which you are qualified in

• Maintain confidential records of clients

• Advise the CTAA as soon as you stop practising or teaching within your chosen Complementary Therapy Field 

© 2018 Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

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