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About Me

My name’s Emily Gearing.  I’m a Life Coach, Mental Health Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner & Podcaster who specialises in Life Purpose, Mindful Living & Wellbeing Practice.  I've founded the REST EASY Method as a way to help people manage their emotions & support themselves.  I'm passionate about helping others to really understand themselves & live life "on purpose" with confidence & authenticity.

I'm dedicated to preventing mental illness & promoting mental health.  I was named as one of eight pioneers in the field of mental health for young people due to the work that i'm doing.

If you’re reading this I know you're going through a struggle & I feel your pain. I'm a busy Mum who found it hard to juggle my own needs with the needs of my children & my business. 

Despite being from a good family & having a supportive upbringing I spent most of my teenage & early adult life living with social anxiety & BDD.  I had crippling self-doubt, low self-esteem & lacked body confidence.  I struggled through life & at times it was completely exhausting.  I didn't know who I was or what I stood for.

After years of living with anxiety I decided there must be a better path & started on a journey of self-help & self-discovery.  I began using meditation & mindfulness to help me manage my emotions.  I found the practice was life changing so I did more & more research & training. 

Having studied Social Policy, Politics & Women's Studies at University plus qualifying as a Life Purpose Coach & completing a Diploma in Psychology & Mindfulness for Children I've gained a deep understanding of the issues we face in life.  I've observed how people adapt their behaviour to 'fit in' & be accepted.  I understand how instant gratification through likes, comments or reviews via social media is now leading to a distorted sense of self & is impacting on people's view of themselves.


Through my training & research I've discovered that the key to happiness is knowing your authentic self & then honouring that everyday through mindful practice. 


"Once you truly know who you are as an individual you can set boundaries, establish values & live authentically both on & offline."

This sense of 'authentic living' can be achieved through awareness, acceptance, confidence, purpose & self-love.  My work involves helping people to discover this through mindful practice, wellbeing techniques & life coaching elements. 


"Once you know yourself, your purpose & what makes you happy you can make clear, authentic decisions based on personality, meaning, passion & values."  

Through a unique format of Life Coaching & Mindful Self-Help that focuses on Purpose , Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness & Wellbeing I can help you to map out a clear direction for you & your family so you can take back control of your time, energy & thoughts in order to live an authentic, confident & purposeful life.

I know you're ready to make a positive change & it's my life purpose to assist you in doing that.  I've created a range of sessions, courses & workshops that will help you & your family achieve your goals for happiness & confidence.   

I hope you enjoy my blog & products that have been designed especially with you in mind.  

Thank you so much for being here & I look forward to helping you on your journey.

With love & best wishes





BA Hons Social Policy (University of Central Lancashire)
Certified Life Purpose Coach

Life Coaching Diploma

Life Story Coaching Certificate

Psychology Diploma

Mindfulness for Children Diploma

Youth Mental Health First Aid

NICE Certificate of Completion for Anxiety Disorder

EFT (Level 1)

NSPCC Safeguarding & Child protection
DBS Checked


CTAA Practitioner Member

about me

My Philosophy


"I believe that self awareness, acceptance,

& clarity of purpose are essential for living a happy & fulfilled life. Once we truly know & accept who we are we can shape our world accordingly & live authentically in every moment. " 

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