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The REST EASY Method ©

Copyright 2019 Emily Gearing

I have created The REST EASY Method of self-help as a way of managing everyday problems & preventing mental illness.  It's an easy to use methodology that blends the principles of DBT, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology & Life Coaching.


The method has been inspired by the work of Robert Plutchik, Jon Kabat Zinn, Eline Snel, Abraham Maslow, Stephen Porges, Carl Jung & Isabel Briggs Myers.  It is a proven, evidence based methodology that develops emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy & self-awareness through a cohesive approach.

REST EASY is an acronym for:-


Recognise Emotions, Stop Think, Engage Awareness & Support Yourself.

It offers a simple, memorable & easy way to work through emotions that can often feel difficult & confusing.  It provides the framework for a whole-school, universal approach to wellbeing. 


REST EASY Training Ltd are currently rolling out a pilot in Cheshire & Shropshire schools with a view to expanding it across the UK.   

For more information please visit our sister site

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