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Life Coaching with Purpose (One to One Session)

This 6 week course is aimed at adults & parents who are really looking to understand themselves & their purpose.  It works on the principle that the main block to success & happiness is living without a purpose.  Over a series of sessions we work through what your personality type is & how it impacts your decision making.  We also discuss belief systems, life experiences, passions, talents & interests in order to build up a picture of who you are & what you stand for.   Within the modules we get straight to the heart of the matter by offering practical, instant solutions that help you gain clarity & confidence to move forward.


The sessions follow a structured format laid out over 6 modules. There will be homework required after each section but within this i'm able to be very flexible & adaptable to ensure that you receive a completely bespoke experience tailored to your needs.  

REST EASY Coaching for Parents

During these 4 sessions we'll chat about how important it is for you to look after your own emotional wellbeing. I'll show you the proven, evidence based REST EASY Method of mindful self-help which combines emotional intelligence, resilience, self-awareness & life coaching tips so you can remain calm, confident & mindful during stressful times.


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