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Who Am I?

I haven't uploaded a blog post for ages because there's been so much going on. It's been amazing & wonderful but also daunting & scary. The reason for this is that I'm about to start hosting my own radio show. For a shy, quiet, introvert like me this seems completely out of character right?

Well yes, in the past I would have agreed but something has happened, something has shifted & it's been transformational so I wanted to share it with you.

As part of the show I need to have a very clear message about who I am & who my audience is. This got me thinking.......who am I now? what is my message & who am I serving?

I know i'm all about living life on purpose & preventing mental illness by teaching self-awareness but who am I? what specific need am I addressing & why is this so important to me?

When pondering these points I've been drilling down into my beliefs, my journey, my vision, my purpose & my personality. I've basically discovered that this quest for knowing myself has been the question I've been seeking to answer my whole life. It's what added to my social anxiety & influenced my negative body image. It's what caused me so much mental pain & anguish.

A few years ago I got very close to really nailing it by discovering that I was a life coach & my purpose was to fulfill my potential & to help others fulfill theirs. This was fantastic & I embarked on setting up Purposeful Moments in order to do this. It was a dream come true & evolved over the years to include wellbeing workshops teaching self-help & self-awareness to others.

Fast forward to now & my life has changed exponentially. It's been a whirlwind of emotions, learning, understanding & application. My perception of myself has changed beyond belief & it's taken a while to catch up with reality. I always saw myself as a shy, quiet little girl who lacked confidence. This was my belief, my identity & my 'sense of self'.

The biggest revelation i've had is that right here, right now, that little girl has gone, she's grown up & she's in the past.

Today as I sit here typing I'm a life coach, radio presenter, mum & wife. I'm an INFP personality, a dreamer & a visionary archetype. I'm a mental health campaigner & a self-help advocate who's passionate about helping others to really understand themselves.

This is who I am. This is my mission & this is what I am offering to the world.

Wow, it's been a journey with lots of twists & turns. It's been tough, painful, long & hard but it's got me to now, to this moment when the quiet little girl has finally grown up, found her voice & has a lot to say.

So here I am, the new & improved version on me, i'm excited to see where the journey will take me now & I look forward to sharing it with you on here & on the radio.

I hope you can tune in to Self-Help Sessions every Friday from 1-2pm to hear how you can learn to understand yourself & apply that to your life so you can truly fulfill your potential & live life on purpose.

Happy Listening Guys xxxx

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