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Your Best Is Good Enough

It’s 26th April 2018 & I’m just about to launch my REST EASY Method of Self-Help to the wider world. I’ve been working on for the last 3 years & teaching it in workshops since September 2017. I’m really pleased & happy with the method & I’m excited about how it can help people to support themselves to overcome difficult emotions.

Although I was feeling happy & excited, I woke up this morning with a fear about the launch. I thought it was a fear of judgement, a fear of failure, a fear of ‘being seen’ but after doing some journaling I realised it's the fear of being criticised when I’ve put so much work, research, study & effort into it.

From a young age we're being programmed to push ourselves more, to achieve more & to strive more but at what cost to our mental health?

Non-striving is a huge part of mindful practice & it’s often one of the hardest principles to adopt. I’m wanting to help people let go of striving & to accept that:-


No-one sets out to do a bad job & most of us have very high standards for ourselves so next time you feel yourself striving for a certain outcome just be kind to yourself by saying

“I know I’m doing my best & my best is good enough” In accepting this you can be at peace with yourself & rest easy.

Wishing you a Happy Thursday


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