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What is Mindful Living?

Mindful Living is about having an awareness of the moment on purpose without judgement. It's about allowing ourselves to stop to look around & engage the senses. It's about having permission to be fully present for ourselves & our families without distractions or interruptions.

This sounds wonderful right? So why aren't we doing more of it? It's because we're hard wired to be on the go all the time, we've become a society of 'human doers' rather than 'human beings'. We not giving ourselves time to 'just be' with what is. We're not allowing ourselves the chance to reflect & reframe. Instead we're getting more & more distracted by social media or devices. We're becoming preoccupied with striving or achieving goals & with all these extra demands we're not giving our mental wellbeing the attention it deserves. This level of distraction can lead to disconnection & mental exhaustion.

Mindful Living Can Help.

Mindful Living gives us the space to stop, relax, pause & prioritise. By learning how to catch our thoughts or actions in the moment we begin to recognise when we're being distracted. We can then ask ourselves "What's the purpose of this?" which gives us an opportunity to observe the situation before taking action.

Training ourselves to recognise when we're distracted & then giving ourselves space to reflect allows us to live mindfully & authentically. By asking what the purpose of the thought, action or response is we can have a moment of clarity to process or prioritise. The joy of Mindful Living is in giving ourselves chance to reconnect & reflect before taking action.

Happy Mindful Living Everyone xxx

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