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What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps you to take stock of where you are in your life & allows you to build a plan for the future. Through one to one sessions we create a picture of your personality, belief systems & life experiences. We evaluate where you are right now & look at how you want to move forward.

Through a unique blend of fact finding over 6 modules we work towards defining your purpose & focus on how it can motivate you. During regular sessions we map out a plan & attach achievable, measurable goals which will help you along the way. With a clear direction for the future you can learn to feel empowered & inspired.

What is the difference between Counselling / Therapy & Life Coaching?

Counselling / Therapy helps you work through problems & issues from the past. It can help you to heal from emotional trauma or mental health issues which have caused suffering. There are many different counselling methods which can be adopted with the most common being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Clients may attend one to one sessions or group sessions depending on the issue. It is recommended that a client doesn't start coaching until past issues have been resolved as this can impact on the coaching process.

If you've experienced an emotional trauma or are struggling with mental health issues you can be referred to a counsellor through your GP or you can search for private counsellors here

Life Coaching allows you to acknowledge where you are right now with a view to moving forward in a positive way. Whilst the past is important in gaining an understanding of how you got to where you are it isn't the main focus. Life Coaching encourages you to be accountable & responsible for your own happiness. It allows you to see negative patterns that are holding you back & lets you explore how they can be changed. It helps you to take control of the direction of your life by giving you the opportunity to look at your goals & how to achieve them. Through coaching you'll gain a structured & bespoke plan for your future.

For more information on Life Coaching with Purpose please visit my sessions page

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