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What Is Life Coaching?

March 6, 2017

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Be Free To Be You - Authentic Living

March 6, 2017


I used to be like a chameleon, changing my appearance to blend in with everyone else.  

I even modified my behaviour by agreeing with other people's opinions so as to avoid confrontation or controversy.  

In the words of Katy Perry:-

" I stood for nothing so I fell for everything."



I didn't have strong opinions & I didn't know who or what I wanted to be so as most teenagers started to develop a strong sense of identity I began to develop a deep lack of confidence.  I was desperate to be accepted so I tried being grungy but wasn't quite edgy enough,  I also tried being trendy but wasn't quite cool enough.  Somehow I felt like I didn't belong in my own body so I ended up becoming completely obsessed by my appearance which led to Body Dysmorphic Disorder & Social Anxiety.  


It wasn't until I started to work on myself that I realised how my negative self image had impacted on me.  Having been ridiculed all my life for my quiet voice I thought there was no point voicing an opinion because no one would hear me.  I had such little self respect that I felt my opinions didn't matter anyway.  


After years of self-development & training I now know my opinion does count & I've found my voice & my vehicle.   I've discovered that I love variety & that's part of who I am.  I get bored if I stick to one thing for too long so I like to have a few projects on the go at once.  I take my role as a Mum very seriously & I love working with children but I'm also passionate about Life Coaching & helping others.  I've now found the perfect balance between the practical & the nurturing parts of my personality so it's the ideal mix for me.  


Having discovered that it's my purpose to "fulfill my potential & to help others to fulfill theirs" i've found I'm able to make decisions much easier.  Since my purpose is so broad it encapsulates all my values & allows me to be free to be myself as long as I'm fulfilling my potential.  Living in this authentic way has given me so much confidence & self belief.  At last I know what I stand for & who I am which is deeply empowering & uplifting.  I hope I can help you to discover your sense of self to help you live authentically too.

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